Me & My Daddy

Growing up we never easy for me cause my older sister is special needs, but i always found a way to be my daddy's little girl and to this day i still am, even when my mom and dad got divorced i was still his only child, my sister as from a previous marriage or so i thought, growing up i knew my daddy as my daddy until one day my mom tried to tell me the man i knew as daddy wasn't my "REAL" father, my heart was broke she always threw that in my face until i was old enough to have DNA test done with both men the results were something to leave me confused but i know in my heart the man i knew as my daddy would always be my daddy and i would always be his little girl.
Although i'm going on 25 yrs old with three children of my own 2 are biological 1 is a step child I will always be a daddy's girl no matter what.. Tonight took me by surprise when my daddy called me for the first time in a week when he finally told me that he loved me and not only did he say it once but he said it four times in one conversation.
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