Becoming Daddies Little Girl, Part 1

The mornin after our trip to the city I was home alone with dad and i put on a white lace bra and pantie set i had just bought then tossed a robe on over it and after makin a cofee looked at him sittin at the table and said,Are we still going out to paint at the camp today?
He said, If u want.
I said, Sure but 1st I want to model the new clothes I bought and get ur opinion.
He laughed and said,Sure but Im not into this new fashion stuff.
Smirking with a naughty look I said, I think u might like these clothes Daddy.
Standin right infront of him I undid my robe dropping it to the floor and watched dads eyes get big and he smiled,And said, I sure was not expecting this but ur right I do like it.
Great I said then picked up my robe and in my room changed into a new red bra that only covered my niples and a small red thong.
Going back into the kitchen I stood closer and said, This one is more revieling.
Opening the robe slow pretending to be nervouse I watched him smileing and could tell he liked lookin at me by the lump in his pants.

Dropping the robe a said, Well how is this one?
Dad laughed and said, you look good in red honey.
Turning around I bent to pick up the robe feeling the thong pressing tight onto my anus with my bare *** not six feet from dads face and lookin back beside my legs asked,Do you think I have a fat ***.?
Fat Dad said, There is nothing at all wrong with what ive seen.
your ex hubby was a fool to treat you the way he did.
your sexyer than you was at 19 when I seen u swimming.
That comment made my heart skip a beat and standing back up I put the robe on a chair and said in a small shy voice,Daddy do you honestly
think that I am sexy?
He stood up and poured himself more coffee and it was clear as day
that he had an erection and he was not making any atempt to hide it as he sat back down and said,Listen honey Im a man and you are my daughter but that does not matter.
Looking at you as a full grown woman I can tell you for sure that you are a very sexy attractive woman that any man would want.
Smiling I sat on his lap facing him stradding his lap with my legs feeling his hardness pressing right on my vagina as i put my arms around his neck and gave him a big hug and said,Daddy thank you for saying that.
you have no idea how much your opion of me means,
Kissing him on the cheek I pressed down with my crotch onto his hardness and whispered in his ear,Mom is so lucky to have a big man like you,,Pressing my crotch even harder into his as i said,BIG.

Givin him one more hug Dad put his hands on my lower back and as I got up he slapped my buttock and said laughing thats for being a bad girl,Now get dressed so we can go.
I pulled on one of Dads old thin white teeshirts and looking in the mirror smiled at the way it just covered my *** and crotch and was so worn the red bra and thong showed clearly through it.
Pulling on a pair of shorts and sandles we got into the truck and headed to the camp stopping to pick up beer and some cigs.
We was almost there when I snuggled over to Dad puttin my head on his shoulder and said,your a good man Dad, Im so glad I movd back home.
He said, Im glad also honey u have always been my favorite kid.
I said, Thanks Daddy then bitin my lip asked, When I sat on your lap at home I felt your thing pressing against my thing.
Was you aroused from seeing me dressed like that?

Laughing loud he said,Honey seeing you dressed like that would arouse a dead man.
Of course it did.
I giggled and said,That makes me feel so good, Im glad you liked it.
Mabey I can model some more for you in private if you want.
Sure, Honey he said, Anything you want or need is fine by me.

I knew what I was going to try once we reached the camp and my heart began pounding in my chest
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Beautiful story. Wonderful memory.

And that, is where republicans come from.

Not to worry. She'll be getting him soft, too and he'll be liking it a lot.