Daddies Girl Part 2

The camp was like an inferno and outside it was not much better.
My crotch and *** became so hot n sweaty that I took off my shorts after about an hour and just had on the white teeshirt that was now wet and see thu and it just covered mi buttocks makin my red lace nipple bra and thongs very visable.
Dad had even ******** down to just his sweat pants and bare feet.
Over the next couple hours we took several beer breaks and in the heat I was feelin real good and gettin very horny.
Going back on the deck for a beer and smokes I lifted off the teeshirt and laid it over the railing and said, Lets go for a swim Ive had enough painting for now its just to hot.
Dad said, I know its hot but I have no shorts.
I went into the bedroom and found the white boxers of Garvins he uses as swim trunks and gave them to dad and said,Put them on im hot as hell .
I knew they would be small on him and smiled when he walked out and I could see the whole outline of his ****.
We both jumped into the warm water and froliked for a half hour then as we got out a man and woman waved from there deck and we walked over
and Dad introduced me to Bud and Wendy who where both in skimpy clothes.

Mixin us drinks I did not like the way Bud was lookin at me so I went and sat on Dads lap.
It was only seconds later i felt Dads **** growin under my *** makin me wetter and hotter.
Wendy had a look about her that made me think she wanted us both and then she said,What are u two into?
Do u have fun with each other?
I giggled and said, We have fun jokin all the time.
Thats not what i meant Wendy said, I meant do u have naked fun together?

I laughed the same time Dad did and he said,Im to old for a young filly like her.

We all laughed finished our drinks then went back to our hot cabin .
Going into the bathroom I took off bra and panties then pulled the still dap teeshirt over my sweaty body smilin at how see through it was.
Coing out Dad was sittin at the table and I stood infront of him and yawning put my hands over my head stretching makin the front of the shirt lift so he could see my shaved *****.
We went back out onto the deck and I came up behind him wrapping my arms around his waist I said,Id like to try havin fun with you like Wendy mentioned.
Slipping my hand inside his shorts a grabbed his soft **** and large balls feeling every inch of them and pulled on them as I walked backwards into the camp towing him bi his **** then sat him down in a kitchen chair.

Stepping back I said as i pulled off the shirt standing naked infront of dad.
Do u think Im sexy like this?
He nodded and I knelt taking his boxers off began fondlin his big thick **** lickin and suckin it until it was rock hard and said,Ur so big Daddy.
I want to feel u inside my ***.
takin a small jar of vaseline out of my purse i rubbed some on his **** then bent over and told him to rub some on my ******* and slip in two fingers to lube up the inside.
His fingers are thick and I gasped as he pushed them in.
Turning around I straddleded his **** holding it until it was in the right spot.
then with both hands on his shoulders i lowered my self letting his long thickness penetrate me all the way then began riding it faster and faster then slow then fast lettin out screams the whole time then feelin his **** throbbing insede me shooting *** I orgasmed screaming so loud i heard it echo across the lake.
We was both sweatier than we had been all day and just before we left I took his pants off on the deck infront of Bud and Wendy who came to see when we might be back.
I said, Im not sure and began suckin Dads **** as they watched and swollowed every drop before we left
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you are right sweetheart, ******* daddy is the hottest sex you will never forget in your lifetime

I just knew you were going to be making daddy a happy man.

hope they enjoyed