I Was Molested

When I was about 11 I would go to my brothers house on apple valley and I lived in LA so it was like an hour drive with me, my sister, and my brothers dad (we have different dads). So one day when we were at my bothers house we ate Chinese food and I got sick so I was throwing up and his dad gave me a weird pill right a way I didn't trust it so I pretend to drink it and threw it way but it did put me to sleep for a little I woke up like at 1am feeling something touching my girl parts so I look down and it's my bothers dad eating me out I was scared I didn't like how it felt at all.I told him to stop he just said don't worry I'm almost done I kept saying no no! I was to skinny so he could open my legs easily. I didn't know how to feel I just fell back asleep and never told anyone not even my twin sister. Then the next day on the drive back like an idiot I go to the front and my sister in the back and she falls asleep I try to fall asleep to but he starts to finger me I didn't know what to do do I let him I was so scared I just let him u.u then he said I can't wait till you're 18 andI'm 16 rite now I'm scared but this time I'm not going to let him I was depressed for year until I met my BFF he help me alot he doesn't know what happened but he help me with my depression and I'm happy to have him I'm my life
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3 Responses Sep 23, 2012

No soon you will be 18th and with out saying about it im sure your bastard cousin will do it one of this day or in other time so much better to be vigilant at all times and find something that would help you in case he but if you ask my opinion much better to talk about it with someone you trust so that he will not do it or find someone that would help you so that he will never try it....thats really so bad why some relatives practice this kind of thing?

Damn so he was your uncle then you need to be vigilant tthen and never stay alone with this man he is really a bad man and im sure he will do things you cannot imagine because he thinks that your silence means you like it and he will abuse you more if that was not stop?

well you can tell him if ever he will do do molest you again you will tell the police and say the things he did from the past and never be afraid to tell your parents or relatives about it sexual molestation by relatives is bad and it will create so much traumatic experience to you and try to avoid him never go near this sick bastard he is a menace of the society too.

Tell your real dad, enjoy the show.

Then try with your mom, show wont be as great though.

Its never too late to get revenge. You could also blackmail him for 100 000$ or tell the cops.