I Love My Daddy!!

I adore my father. When I hear my daddy's voice my heart smiles and I just laugh. I love to see him coming my way. I can call him and say..."Daddy I miss you, I want to see you" and he will come a-runnin, smiling and laughing. I am a grown woman and my daddy still brings me candy LOL... I like when my daddy brings candy. My daddy was the first man to bring me flowers. I just simply adore my daddy.

Abriee Abriee
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5 Responses Aug 12, 2008

I have 4 daughters (and 2 sons) ages 27, 25, 9 & 6. 2 of the 4 are my "daddy's girls" My youngest is when her mom isn't around, and my 25 yr old she's all her mama's girl. But I love and adore all my kids. They're all so amazing and individual in their own ways. I wish the older kids were closer so I could see them more.

Sounds like you pretty much have your mind made up. My dad don't deserve my attention. I have a sister, we share the same father. She feels about our dad like you do about yours. Sounds like you have some pretty bad memories of your father. Throwing hot water on your mom like that, taht would **** me off too. I remember being angry with my dad when he drank. he would talk really dumb, making sexual statements aobut my mom. He'd say I sure would like to have some more of that red Pu***. I woud be infuriated!! After a few times yelling at him and demanding he treat me with some level of respect he got better. I no longer have to listen to his sex stories. :)

we don't live together but he lives across the hall from me which is way too close. he moved into my building 6 months ago after getting out of the hospital. this is the most day to day contact i've had with him in 26 yrs and i hate it. he was mean to my mom when i was a kid, abusive, throwing a pot of boiling water on her when i was 6 and just an ******* in general. now he thinks us kids are supposed to take care of him lock, stock and barrel now but it's not gonna happen! if he had been the man that he should've been, it would be a different story but my hostile feelings towards him run too deep. i just don't want anything to do with him, it's too late.

I am thinking that you live with your father. I didn't live with my father. If I had I probally would have had to hit him with a two liter bottle of pop. Actually I had a hard time accepting my father after I became an adult. I wouldn't have picked him to be my father if I had a chose. He is an alcoholic and is on a one way road to nowhere. I would cry to my granny about him and she told me to accept him for who he was. eventually i did. I always adored him but now that i have gotten over the wishing I had Bill Cosby as a father our relationship is even better.

u are lucky, i'm so jealous! lol. i wish that i felt that way about my father but it's impossible. we've never had much of a relationship and now he just plain gets on my nerves, he's terrible! he pissed me off so bad yesterday that i hit him with a can of pop! i just wish he would go away.