Daddy Dearest

I've only become daddys girl after I've lived on my own! My folks divorced when I was about 2 and always lived with my mother who badmouthed my dad to me all the time. But after moving out I've become closer and closer with my dad, it's very nice!

As a kid I didn't experience a whole lot of security in my life except when I was with my dad, but that feeling went away everytime I was back home with my mother. I didn't feel the presence of my father and didn't think he'd protect me from all the evils of the world unless I was in the same place as he was. So I sort of resented him 'cause I was feeling abandoned.

So I'm very happy that I now, in my late 20's, feel that security I should've felt when I was a kid. I know I can tell anything to my dad, I can mess up as bad as possible, but I can still turn to him and know that he'll be there for me no matter what. He's the only parent who has told me that all he wants for his children is happiness. He wants us all to be happy whether will be doctors or garbagemen. I've never really truly felt that with my mother, so it's nice to know there's one parent who doesn't expect me to be perfect and do things the way they want!
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It only takes one to love that's the important thing. good for you.