Last night, I spent 6 hours cuddled up on my daddy's lap just watching tv and feeling so at peace. He finally carried me to bed around midnight after I fell asleep. My mom says I'm just nervous about going to college and being on my own. She might be right but that doesn't change how amazingly happy I was!
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all my kids liked to cuddle now n then til they were about ur age... my son is almost 30 now and prefers to share a good scotch, but my youngest daughter is 24, also likes good scotch but still likes to cuddle sometimes, and i always cherish the moments...

Hi baby...

it's so really have no idea how completely turned off women are and how ridiculously pathetic you sound when you call a total stranger "baby".

sorry if offended u ...

such a good girl

Daddy time and love is the very best there can be.

:( you must miss him terribly if you're at school
I get like that after only a few days.

Very cute! Are you going far away for college?

about an hour and a half away.

I bet he'll miss you as much as you'll be missing him. Are you nervous?

Ha ha.... half excited, half nervous

Haha.. Aww! Hope you'll enjoy your time there though! Are you half nervous because you're scared you'll be home sick?

Yeah or won't get along with my roommate or won't like my classes or or or...,

LOL!!! Yeah and all the professors are ex supermodels
I think I missed the "nudist colleges" section in the US List of Top Colleges

ha ha...OMG!!! Where was that link when I was filling out college apps????

my kids all ended up with textile roommates, but one young girl i met at a resort actually got a nudist roommate in her dorm her freshman year, and she was just as initially anxious and ultimately relieved as my friend

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Sweet story. And congrats on going to college.

yr too old for that


LOL!!!! Pretty sad you have to call that out!!!

They think calling your dad "daddy" is sexual.. Jeez. These morons need to get off the computer and be welcomed to the real workd


; )