I think my girlfriend likes to seduce her dad. She wears no bra when we are going to be around him and really short skirts or shorts with no panties on. One day I even caught him staring at her when she bent over (her *** was all out). And in the kitchen I caught him rub his hand across the lower part of her *** and she just giggled. They didn't know I saw them. Should I think anything?
MrSecretGuy MrSecretGuy
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3 Responses Aug 22, 2014

This is a sick story!!! I hate this!!

Well, that's YOUR opinion on something you're obviously not able to understand...its OK tho to have you're own opinion, but not OK to label someone else's life experience as sick..just MY opinion sweetie

that's creepy. I'm a total daddy girl. but my dad tells me to cover up, not show it.

Creepy to u yes but PLZ respect that its NOT sick OR creepy to some others.

Being a daddy's babygirl myself..I can only speak thru my own experience and..I'd be thinkin somethins up if I were u!

Hey thx for your response. Why do you say that though? I mean if it is the case I would just like to be told the truth. I guess I don't really know the signs...well besides those small ones