Today me and my girlfriend moved out and of course her dad came to check out the new place. My gf put on a one piece short little dress with no bra or panties. She began unpacking and as she was bending over her dress lifted and me and her dad saw her nice a** and pu**y. I began to stare only to turn and see her dad staring as well. I pretended I didn't see and went outside to smoke a cigarette. He got up and stood behind her and you can hear him directed her as she continued to be bent over getting things out of the box. I know she felt him and her a$$ moved up and down and around....
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So ******* hot!!!!

That sounds terrible, but look at the bright side. Now you know what goes on in the family and you are being accepted in the family. Does she have a nice sister? How is mom looking? How about a cousin? I'm not saying go around banging everyone in her family, but you can also see and touch. No? Good luck. Have fun.

daddy knows best how to **** his little baby girl

So sexy