Me Too

I was born as a male and father - son relationships are different. When I became a girl that relationship changed significantly. He featured much more in my life, he was much freer to express emotion with me and loved me unconditionally. Though I had missed the really early years, he made up for it until the day he died. He was a quiet man slow to anger and always supportive of his children and was a big influence on the type of man I would choose.He was my rock when things got tough and believe me there were times when life did get extremely rough for me. His quiet patience and his ability to listen as I ranted and raved were things I came to love. He'd let me carry on until I was done without interruption quite often ending in me being in tears.He'd hold me till I quietened down, dry my tears and tell me everything was going to be all right....and it was. Until next time.

I read so many stories of people who put their fathers down and some fathers are nothing more than a disgrace, My Dad was so different and I am so glad to day he was mine. I love you Dad,  I always will.

Daddy's Girl

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Feb 20, 2010