I Am A Professional Dancer

I'm a professional dancer , i can dance hip hop , contemporary , classical , bollywood, locking, crumping but my favourite is beat killer (popping) and i can do 3 types of popping robotic, liquid and slow flow
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18-21, M
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hehe i don't think that is compulsory in my country and what i dance i think i m excellent in it :D , and i'll try what u said

Thanks... hope you do good... and not to be creepy ... but what country you from????.... O o

I m from India

I wouldn't call you yet a professional dancer yet... Not to he mean or anything... But there's a lot more types of dance like... tap, musical theather, jazz, lyrical, and many more... and how long have you danced... and you the training and everything... but it takes a long long long time to be a professional dancer... but if you keep going... I bet you could do it... :D

yup but in my country there styles are famous so these are more common , and yup i tried tap, jazz and lyrical also and i'll try more

But to become a professional dancer... you haft to be amazing at all types of dance... like absoutly AMAZING.... but I think the most important type of dance that helps in a way of each style of dance is probably... ballet.... ballet is the most important one to master first...