Child Of The Night

Where to begin... Well I am into vampirism (not Twilight), the only time I really like to be outside is when it is either night time or cloudy (not implying that I think I am a vampire; because I am not. Lol). I just feel very comfortable around that time. I always wanted to dance with someone in a misty field on a clear moonlit night far away from humanity. Horror movies are beautiful and romantic in my opinion. I have a fantasy where I am sitting by a tree in a forest at night with a girl and she offers to turn me into a vampire. She bites me while we embrace and I slowly fall asleep, and she cuddles me until I wake up. Soon I wake up transformed into a vampire, then we kiss. Usually when I like someone, I imagine myself biting them in the neck to drink their blood. The thought makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. ^_^
FadedHeart FadedHeart
18-21, M
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U sound like me that part...... lol,,,,,, i am missing my teenage years now..... lol