My Dark and Dreary Hopeless Romantic Antics.  .  .  .  .

*Hand in Hand Moonlit Cemetery Strolls

*Moonlit Picnics

*Chivalry means alot



*Romance by Candlelight

*Friendship, Love, and Loyalty

*Nothing is Trivial


*The Art of Seduction


*The Art of Bite

*Keeping the 6 Senses Pleased



*Display of Affection, even through"seemingly" trivial means.

*To be Held


*Desperate Desire



*Comfort In your Lovers Arms

*Knowing that your Hearts Beat as one

*Death does not part, only Lack of Love



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13 Responses Aug 7, 2008


That, he did.<br />
Thanks You So Much.

Eric Draven knew the score.

That's A Painful Topic But One I Long For As Well. That's Probably Why I Dwell Here. You Should Check Out The Pictures While You're Still here. It's How I View Romance.

Bless you sister, but maybe you only let the right people get close. The ones you feel in all 6 senses?

Damn Straight!

this story kind works against your never get too close to anyone story. i'm confused. though that is probably just the way you like it.

Thank You Darling

I happen to think your desires are quite honorable, worth striving for, should be fully expected of by your lover, applicable to a life of binded interlocked succesive love ones with hearts as one. I hope that your heart, body and soul find the one who will share in it not just to get in bed with you: but rather to become one within the same dream with you for all eternity. It's called equalibriam of the heart to please and be pleased by the love of kindred spirts. It's something that cost almost everything but nothing at the same time. It meens being a slve yet being free in that inslavement to each other. May you be ever so blessed in your desires.

Mmmmmm... Sounds so good!<br />
<br />
I hope you are able to find lovers to share your desires with!

a good thing i just gave the recipe for a good relationship.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Sounds like my marriage!