Don't Know Why

 If you ask me one of my fantasy dates will be a picnic in the cemetery, because is peaceful, a walk under the moon then we'd go dancing [what a mix?] The most deepest side of me is dark and when i love someone is w/ all my heart but the dark side take control and passion comes in. 1 thing i've notice is that Dark romances are pure, no BULL, no acts,no cover ups, just us and that's what make us lovely...... So far i haven't found the one for me to share a dark romance!

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This Halloween I'm going to lay out a picnic in the Cemetery, Wine and Dine the local spirits, they enjoy it almost as much as I do, its a ritual I took up shortly after seeing a beautiful bride standing alone in the local cemetery, even when I'm not in the area I lay out dinner for her and her guest, you can always feel when they arrive. You should have a ghost dinner this Halloween! I think you'd enjoy it, its romantic, their touch is a bit colder, but the love is just as strong.

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this is supposed to be about you. plz continue...

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Curious one, are you? BTW why do you wish to challenge me?

I see that you are a beautiful person at heart, but what do you have against werewolves? I have seen several of you insulting comments. No offense, really. I just want to understand.

Dark romance has always had it's beauty. Where the entire world could cease to exist as long as you were in your lovers arms. As long as your lover held you deep within his heart. It brings me great joy that someone understands this. Who still believes that true love is forever.