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Where does today's humanity fit into the whole evolution theory? Are we above it, do we even reign over it, are we just a part of it? I'll go a bit more into detail.

We reign over animals, we breed those we want, so do we change evolution?

It's not about the "fittest", AKA the one who procreates the most effective, it's about who has the most money, who can afford children. So is evolution theory not true for us any longer?

It is said that sickle cell anaemia is wide spread in some parts of Africa, because people who have sickle cell anaemia can't get Malaria. So those who have this illness (or in this case benefit), have a higher chance of surviving, so they are "fitter", which means that this is evolution theory.

Where do we fit into this theory?

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2 Responses Feb 18, 2009

think of crocodiles or sharks they haven't really changed for millions of years, there was no need to do so, it's the same with us in our current industrial life standard<br />
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but after all it goes on rather hidden than obvious<br />
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yes we can influence our own evolution, but think of the people who tried, the spatans and the nazis<br />
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you can't stop the evolution completely, but we made it hesitate

i think that we nearly stopped our own evolution by the highly praised technological advance<br />
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we are still developing caused by the fact that we are breeding, but our evolution became more ramdomly<br />
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and if you think of the "primitive" people, i guess that there is still the old fashioned evolotion at work