Loony Tunes

my story well where do i start where do i end

- i dont even feel like i want to ruin peoples lives with her bad stories - im  hoping you will understand - its so bad and so awful its like weird -

ive put up with it for years growing up as a child because she told me i was weird i need psychological help = im not sure i can even talk about it now its just awful.. i was doing ok had distanced myself etc but i cant do that anymore the police were up here a month ago about her 'weird behaviour' and her shutting them in her house saying she couldnt find the keys to let them out and now ive had the property people on today i was like ok youve exhaused Fireservices ( had up at door warning but said it wasnt me theres a mistake) gone on to the police then now its property services great yeh (its probs with gas now)

ok so i did the normal stuff after the police came up phoned my dad her x husb said whats going on and he says no she was in an instutitute before when you were younger found wandering down the road with you and your brother the police came and her dr and she was like sectioned GREAT so you left me and my bruvin the care of a LOONY? yep they did and then mums bruv in canada (im too far away to help what can i do here) and he goes shes always been funny

god so ok my and my brother have been brought up by a complete loon and now we are older we are like she so is mental get her locked away and everyones like ooh confidentiality

she needs help why hasnt anything been done and now of course we are grown up im like eh? what about me and my brother we were kids how can society possibly expect us to deal with this?

Yours wondering if shes severley affected by looney
pixie270489 pixie270489
Jul 13, 2010