Growing Up With A Mother That Suffers With Ptsd

My mom has been home bound since i was 7, I'm 16 now. She has suffered with PTSD (post tramatic stress disorder) my whole life, due to her bad childhood.  I've never been able to relate to anyone growing up because most kids have parents suffering from alcoholism or something relatable.  For any of you that may have experienced living with someone suffering from PTSD its not something easily explainable.  My mom was in and out of the hospital when i was little, to get well and i had to stay with my alcoholic grandparents. My father was not in the picture.  At age 7, i had to grow up and take care of my mom because she just couldn't function. I cooked and cleaned and when i was 14, i got my junior permit to grocery shop and drive myself and my mom to appointments. At 13, i already knew where i wanted to go to college and what i wanted to do with my life. I used to run away sometimes and people never understood why because they thought i had a perfect life. I looked into emancipation but just couldn't go through with it. She's getting well now, but its still hard sometimes. She doesn't rely on me to take care of her but now I'm constantly switching roles as the adult and child. She is always telling me she wants me to be a kid while I can and enjoy my high school years.  But after growing up how i did, its not that easy.  I don't feel the need to go out and be a kid.  I have a job and i love it.  I love working and being independent.  I love knowing what goals i have and what i need to do to work towards that.  She thinks sometimes that i resent her for not being able to give me a good life but i don't and as much as i tell her that i don't, i still feel like she believes that.
I've never been the one to complain, I know someone has it much worse out there.  It wasn't until today i found a website where i can share a little about my story growing up with an ill mother. I didn't write this to get advice. I wrote this for others to know that they aren't alone.  There are people out there that you can relate to, even if it seems that no one understands.  You just have to find the people that do. (:
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my mom is getting better now. i hope she will totally recover from the 15years nightmare.

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I can relate! Thanks for sharing this. I know how it can be to feel isolated and and not being able to relate to your peers. Its tough to feel that way, but it also makes us stronger people. :)

yeah, i just wish there were more support groups out there for this... there really aren't any.

Yes I know, I was a little disappointed how about how few people are apart of this group. I know there is many people out there with this experience. Maybe people don't want to admit it or think its taboo...I don't know. I have never really reached out to other people who may have "been there" when it comes to mentally ill parents. That's why I joined this you know of any other sites that have support about this topic? I think its a experience that if you have gone need to talk about it. Its really does help shape the person you become and affects you deeply.

May I add you as a friend? or you can add me if you wish...Thanks.