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I am a Christian.   With pain in my heart i am.   i sin inevitably but sometimes i do it intentionally .  I give in to temptations, and some part of those are actually controllable but i prioritize my selfishness. I am a Christian.   With gladness in my heart i am.   Im forgiven, i am loved. He believes in me far more than anyone does. He who bled and died is the reason i can smile today and be whole again.   I am a Christian.   By Grace i am.   i never been a deserving daughter to my Father. I never been a good Christian. I never been a real sacrifice to Him. I always fall short. I always fail Him. But here i am, living by Grace, loving by Grace, loved because of Grace, and  only by Grace.   I am a Christian.   That's what i am. <3
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2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Young lady.. I am so impressed. Not only in what you wrote which is so very biblical and as you know, we all have to confess that we fall short, but choose daily to strive again as Paul talks about in Philippians chapter 3, but even more so in the comments and your replies below. You have a gift as a gentle witness.. Too often as Christians we see the bad in others and leave them feeling as if we don't think they are good enough. We talk as if they have to get everything in order first and then accept Christ instead of relying on Christ as we all must to get everything in order and even then, forced to rely upon his Grace and forgiveness. I am impressed. Thank you for being courageous.

huhu. . . ur comment is such an encouragement sir, thank you! May He be glorified by my life.

I agree Sir, that's what sad about it. We Christians are sometimes too judgmental just because we are saved. But then again, we all depend on His grace. No ones exempted,even law-abiding Christians. Cheers! Thank you again Sir :)

as long that you believe in God and do things right im sure you will be ok and nothing is impossible to do...

thank you! :) God is my vindicator, always :)