I Try to Be a Good One!

I am the first and oldest daughter, of my mother. I am also the most over-protected one, for some odd reason. Sure, I almost died, before I was born. But my little sister also points out, that she was born premature, with is an equally (if not more so) dangerous situation. Still... I seem to be the Raymond of the family and my poor sister is Robert (from the show, "Everyone Loves Raymond").... Erm, not a role that I want, believe me! :-/

I do try to be a good daughter. A lot of that stems from my birth-father... he said I was nothing but stupid, that I would never get anywhere in life, and that I was a screw-up. So, I wanted to prove to him that I was a good daughter... I did what I was told, I got good grades, winded up on the Honor Role, and was dubbed "mentally gifted". And still, he only saw me as the stupid and worthless daughter that he never wanted. And that's when at age 12, I gave up... and basically I said, "Screw you!" to him. And I focused on being a good daughter for my mother. That has worked out well. :-)

My mother loves me and takes care of me. And she doesn't think that I am stupid or a screw-up. So, that's all that matters. :-D

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Mar 21, 2009