A Daughter Is A Gift From God

Ani parents who read this and have trouble appreciating their children to to understand the gold mine that has been given to them.

Little girls need to point to their fathers in pride and know that he is her protector. He is to be the role model for who she marries.

Little girls need to have Mom as their best friend to get them throw the maze of growing up.

Appreciate what u have.

Our Amber was taken from us when she was 10. Removed from our lives from someone who was drinking and driving.

I can see and hear her in mi mind, but it's not the same.

I see her in everi little girl that is her age.

I have her stuffed animals at home, still.

I have her ashes that we put on her favorite plai ground everi anniversari.

But I don't have her.

Please appreciate what u have.

A daughter is a gift from God.

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God bless u.