I daydream so much sometimes i don't even know when reality is happening. I am constantly thinking of other things and dreaming of my life to be better and for me to be with the guy i love. I seriously want to live in my daydreams... I wish they were reality!
ChemicalLover705 ChemicalLover705
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4 Responses Mar 2, 2007

I know exactly how you feel! Reality is hard for me to face seeing as I daydream of how I would like things to be...although thats what makes me happy sometimes, so why not, right?

Just daydream of something simple like ....... cake..... then go get some. That way some of your daydreams will come true and you will be happy.

Haha, i hope your wrong...

And I am a night dreamer, so we are both just a couple of worthless dreamers. But cheer up kid as things will eventually only get worse when you have daymares and I will have nightmares.