dream is a thought which unleashes itself in our mind anytime. in day or night.

i day dream that i will be known as a good soul oneday and what i realize at night is that i did try to help someone in his career or personal life in form of guidance. however have i become a good soul. lol a long way to go.

i day dream that i will earn zillions of bucks and what i realize at night is that i am too tired after hardwork and wish god blesses me with some insights as to why some attract money to them and why some are left with only knowledge. why god imbalances the universe and asks us to balance ourselves.

i dream that money which comes easily to people will be spent on good cause oneday but at end realize that materialism has crept into people and is a system inside us. nothing makes us contended; and finally contendedness comes only in form of expressions.

am i true to my dreams - obviously you and me sail in same boat.  the creative souls keep writing to glories. lol so keep writing writing and writing till your dreams get tired of your thoughts and turn real.
giftafamily giftafamily
Jun 11, 2012