Dreaming Real Life Into Something More


As a kid I had a pretty amazing insight into just how different my imagination was to other peoples. I remember at a very young age wondering if the day would come that I could stop pretending. And I remember realizing at some point that I would have to, because otherwise I would be seen as crazy.

I used to play games in my head all the time, imagining myself in different places, imagining that I was a person from ancient times, suddenly transferred to the future, imagining dinosaurs roamed the streets, I would see them everywhere. Imagining I lost my memory of who I was and imagining I needed to figure it out again. Perhaps this is where my conceptual interests originate, from this overactive imagination of mine. I still day dream, chasing a thought as far as it will go. I have a thing for trampolines, although I haven’t had to chance to jump for a year or more now, the reason I like them is that when I’m jumping away on the trampoline my brain suddenly goes into a story-trance where it seems I can see movies play out in my mind, I’ve spent days jumping on trampolines following fantastic imaginary paths. Imagining stories about aliens, imagining what I would do if I had certain powers, what I would do if I could time travel, endless dreams on trampolines.

Maybe I am my best company.

smebro smebro
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5 Responses Jul 20, 2007

haha nice one... I also have extreme imagination sometimes, I wanted to write about it but cant seem to finish my story coz my mind starts to wander about other things again...

Smebro you are a creative person; what would the world be like without your kind?! I'm ADHD and this kind of thing is common ADHD'ers.

Smebro,<br />
<br />
With the recent comment I just read this for the first time.<br />
<br />
Given that you are a passionate writer, you really have a gift with that imagination of yours! Would you care to share some of your work with me? I'd really like to read something of yours.<br />
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That was a great story, smeb (i so want to say smee)<br />
and it makes my imagination feel a little more better. <br />
It seems ive dreamed my life along for many years, and sometimes I have lasso the damn thing back in...<br />
Keep running away from me.<br />

I need more time.........<br />
It certainly seems my life has been pushing me into creative directions...<br />
So why the freak am I still here at Tel*com (*=e)? <br />
I suppose I should start sending off those first 80 pages of manuscript to publishers, while I finish re-writing the remaining 600 or so.