Day Dreams

I want a brand new earth and there shouldn't  be a single war or a crime.

I wish diiferent colours of skies everyday.

Rain drops should be turn into  gold drops.

I want  sky on my own. haha..

Wish  moon get a spouse.

Famine should feed the hungry Children.

Flowers should blossom in deserts.

God should abandoned the human death.

Bitter experiences  in the past should remain as a past shower and should be forgotten.

Let the past go.

Let the future come.

Poles should be erased from the world map, And every countries should be knitted together.

People should live as one.

neeran neeran
26-30, M
7 Responses Apr 16, 2010

Blushes, Phatnhpi

Great words, thoughts, wishes, dreams neeran :) Very sweet dream. Pure and good just like you :) xoxoxxoxox

A loving and colourful daydream, idealistic, like you!

That's true

I wish every moments of your life will turn into golden moments too. : )

Thanks buddy! Hope we all live as one nation, That day will be near soon. : )

haha.. Thanks Vikky!