Being a /holiday Sucks

I was born early in december, but i still get the whole christmas baby syndrome

i was always so upset because my parties were always boring, always had to be inside and i never ever ever got ice-cream cake

for years my "cake" was a bunch of little christmas tree shaped cakes that we decorated to look like *gasp* christmas trees

and then there are the birthday/christmas presents

it wasn't about stuff, it wasn't about how much money people spent, it was about my birthday being my birthday, not a /holiday

doesn't matter anymore now, because even i don't think about my birthday these days, and have to be reminded by my parents

on the bright side, i got my ice cream cake when i got my teaching certificate lol
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4 Responses Oct 14, 2007

the what?

i don't actually celebrate christmas, so that just makes it worse!

i hate when i get christas cars (esp the ones OBVIOUSLY bought in bulk) that have a "p.s. Happy Birthday" at the end<br />
<br />
and i cannot tell y'all how many birthday shirts with christmas trees or snowmen i have gotten over the years

i quit celebrating my birthday years ago. if i do anything, i go to dinner with family. it still annoys the heck out of me though that i always get combo gifts and cards. <br />
<br />
i know it is insane around the holiday season, i know a lot of money is being spent on everyone, but i still can't stand feeling like i'm somehow less special than someone who was born away from the holiday<br />
<br />
i don't sulk or throw fits, its just gets under my skin.... i'd rather not get anything at all i think