I'm Trying To Boost My Ego

My ego needs a little caressing.

mizzen123 mizzen123
46-50, M
14 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Hehe, thank you for the ego-stroking, my dear, I do self-stroke, but not whilst typing ;-) X<br />
<br />
sweet, am I too late for the drinkie-poos (I'm in posh mode, having been to Cambridge yesterday) :)<br />
<br />
Italian liquors washed down by a Moccha in charming company, what more could I need :) X

*guffaw*<br />
This charming man...is absolutely smashing....<br />
<br />
In seriousness, I love you and I'll stroke that ego consistently, if you so require. You could engage in self stroke, I promise you won't go blind.<br />

Why thank you, my dear young thing * kisses the lady's hand*<br />
<br />
Care for a snifter my dear, what what what?

faw faw, faw faw <br />
<br />
(that's a posh laugh:)

Thank you my dear, my handlbar is my pride and joy, enjoy your crumpet my good woman. (calls for his faithful old retainer) Gerard! The napkins!

Righty -ho, my dear !<br />
<br />
(twirls the tips of luxurious but totally imaginary moustache)<br />
<br />

It's a jolly wheeze, don't you know!

Kisses and hugs to you too sweet, you're ego too is pretty neat :)<br />

Any crumpet, what what what!!

Polly, thank you, my lovely lady....my ego is starting to feel much better!

meet for tiffin later old bean!

Thank you, my dear lady (doffs cap)<br />
<br />
You are thorougly spiffing!<br />
<br />
Toodle pip!

stroke stroke stroke ... any better? you are a very decent chap indeed old thing ... very well thought of and a thoroughly decent sort.

oooh, it's being soothed as we speak, soozles :)

You seem a very decent chap to me, Mizzen! Caring, compassionate, thoughtful and kind. Hope the ego is feeling soothed soon. :)