Some Of My Customers Really Stink

I really get annoyed by some of my customers who always want free handouts.

Why do people think that they can get away with almost anything?

I have this one customer who purchased a VOIP phone from my company over 1 year ago.

The phone has been used and the product is working perfectly.

Then a year later this lady with a four word name: Maria Elena Monica Ty... Go figure

says her friend already supposedly returned the product to our company and now she wants a refund.

Can you believe the gall of some people... How in the world can someone have No Receipt, No Return Authorization,

No acknowledgement from the company and worst of all she says that her friend returned the product not her.

Now all of a sudden she is demanding / threatening she will crumple the company if we don't pay her the $137 she paid

over 1 year ago.

First let me say that our company is an honest and generous company and we even offered her free Phone Service and

Free calls anywhere in the world. But she was so one sided and scewed in her thinking that she could only see her measly $137

and she doesn't even understand the policy and procedures. Never took time to read the Terms, Doesn't have a clue.


Its people like this that really IRK me....

I know this sounds like a rant. But I have to blow off some steam somewhere.


If anyone has any tips or advice on how to deal with idiots like this, kindly send it my way.


PinoyAnnoy PinoyAnnoy
31-35, F
Feb 22, 2010