This Will Take Time.

NOTE: Please read this with an open mind. Do not close your mind to what you know or have been taught to know. These events are true down to the letter. I have not altered the story in anyway and the event took place in a bracket of two hours (Roughly). It began on November 5th 2005 at 1:26PM (When i found the dead animal) and Ended November 5th 2005 at 2:54PM (When I managed to stand up and walk for home.) I have no further proof other then telling this to the world.

This is going to take time to explain, but while i sit here deep in thought I figured i would explain about myself. I am a deep Therian meaning that I feel very strongly about it. I have senses that may not be keen to most others around me. I sometimes come off as quiet or mysterious and that is imply because I study everyone and everything around me. Let's start with some history about how I became Therian.

I have always had an obsession with animals since as far back as i can remember. What i am about to tell is something i've told no one since it happened and finally have decided to share with the world. I have not been Therian for very long only for around 4 years since I was 15. This all came about when my family and I had taken a trip north for a winter since I had never seen snow before. We rented a cabin in the wilderness and such. I had been wandering around to explore since I am a very curious person. This is hard for me to tell because it's something that doesn't seem believable.

While i was exploring I came across a dead deer that had been mutilated by a pack of wolves. I sensed no danger when i examined the corpse, but little did i know that there was a pack not far off that had picked me up which being as naive as i was had no idea. I looked at it intrigued by the marks in the bone of the animal. When i stood up moving to explore again in front of me in the tree line was a wolf with his pack behind him. At that moment in time i was scared as i could have ever been. I turned to my left and started to walk off thinking "Well, i'm next..." I sucked up my fear and kept walking not turning to look behind me at what could be my end. After walking for a good half hour and nothing occurring i decided to lay against a tree in the snow and begin to sob in both happiness and fear. What happened was such a mystery to me, but it got better afterwards. After sobbing for the first time since i was eleven i looked up into the distance since i felt another presence. My gut tensed up along with the rest of my body at the sight of that same grey and black wolf from before with his pack at the tree line. They gazed at me and spread out a small amount moving closer. I had thought for sure I was in fact dead. My knowledge of wolves at the time was primitive to say the least. I had the thought that they were killers and murderers like most others would tend to believe. At this point as i shook in fear in the snow against that frozen tree they were only a few yards away in a half circle laying in the snow all having their eyes trained on me. This alpha moved closer then the rest to the point where he was at my foot and laid against it. At that simple contact i felt different as if something inside me warped. My heart warmed up and the fear seemed to disappear. I reached forward with a shaking hand and touched the alpha. He licked me hand and i jerked back. After staring at him for i am not sure how long they all stood up and left.

This story was the beginning to my Therianism. Once that spark inside my heart fired i felt different as if i could sense things differently. People may say that being great-full when my death seemed to approach made that happen, but I do not. It was a feeling that words can not describe. I had always felt like i belonged in the wild and in a different form then my humanoid one. I acted like an animal from a very young age. I simply had no idea why or what the belief was that brewed inside my mind. Once i found Therianism my questions were answered. Through that experience it brought a whole new perspective on the world around me.

I have never shared this story for the simple reason of how "Out of this world" and "Untrue" it sounds. I expect criticism and hate mail of being called something that I am not, which is a liar. Everyone has their right to their opinion, but I will not deny something that happened to me simply because it may seem unbelievable.

Being a Therian as long as I have has made me able to pick up on things. I recently met a few new friends and came to pick up just by meeting said person that they were Therian. It wasn't that i was told. It wasn't that they acted like an animal. No, it was their aura that emitted from them. The look in the eyes is what gave it away for me. It is a 6th sense to be able to find fellow true Therian's and though it has taken some time I am glad that I know at least one other in person.

My Therianism is tricky because I am in fact very insecure about being one. I have always been called a liar when i mentioned to a supposed other Therian that I was one of them (Because i suppress my aura). I rarely if ever lie and I will stress that point further. My belief's are my own and any challenge to that will be met with a full fury of force. I am a proud Black Wolf Therian and will never give it up...oddly enough my guide is a soft fluffy small rabbit...Her name is Amber and I will share about her at another time.
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I believe you completely

Please do, I'd be very interested in hearing about it. Words cant really explain the full feeling