This Is The Result..

The result of keeping hope where it shouldn't belong. Putting so much into something that ends up being nothing but a dream makes everything come tumbling down. That same dream, all those emotions, all the thoughts that surge through the mind even after and at last it has diminished into nothing. That emptiness still lays there within the chest there the heart should be pumping. The inner sanctum of comfort is rumbled and shaken on its very foundation. Falling down this time and not seeing the worth in standing up having been thrown down so very many times. The past flashes through the mind letting you feel those emotions all over again the ball of depression rolling into a larger sphere of hell that is reaching up to grab you only to pull you into a void of coldness. To stand up would be setting ones self up for failure once again. So many since the last and yet trying one more time compelled one to try once again to this now result of the agonizing feeling that has been felt so many times before in different situations, but this's worse it was that specific person that gave the feeling of absolute comfort and now it's all diminished into the status it has begun with. The reason? Confusing. The result? Hell. It's a part of life that the mind can only take so much before it just simply moves into solitude to never be awoken again. Why feel it again when you can chain up those feelings and keep them locked away. The luck that was once had seems to have faded into the great abyss leaving no luck or hope for the situation. Deep down in the gut the feeling was there and it was only a matter of time before it came true and once it did though expected it felt worse then the mind had thought. The agony covered by a sign of being exhausted or tired. Keeping the emotions hidden acting out not one bit. Having the sudden urge to break everything in sight, cause bodily harm, and the presence of the source making the heart cringe in multiple fashions twisting apon itself yet that source will be around you for days to come. Apon that source moving forward the next emotion would follow suit and with that would mostly be the catalyst to peaceful ways making abrupt action seem more right then wrong just the opposite as before.
ZikoTicondria ZikoTicondria
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3 Responses Aug 9, 2010

Yea, I know...just sucks.

and i mean **** so close to my birthday...god damn talk about bad luck.

I's just nerve wracking...and very bothersome.