Is Love The Answer To Everything?

is love really the answer to everything?
the power to give life.
and take it away.
Love is pain.
love gives.
it takes away.
love hurts.
love soothes.
life is love.
love created hate.
and in that cycle.
it makes some numb.
love heals.
love inflicts the deepest wounds that love itself can only heal.
so is love the answer to all things?
love makes the impossible nothing.
and nothing can exist without love.
is it really that simple?
is it really just that one
that can heal all wounds and reunite lost connections in our lives?
restore that which has been lost and thought never could be found again?
is it really that simple?
love? is the number one?
answer to everything?

what is passion?
"Passion" a powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred. or anger.
what is love?
"Love" is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. kindness, compassion, affection.

"All you need is love" The Beatles
is it really that simple?
is it naive to think in such away?
Naive-lacking worldly experience and understanding. Simple and guileless; artless. Unsuspecting or credulous. Lacking sophistication and critical judgment.

But doesn't passion come from love for the desire to drive oneself to accomplish goals?
Love begins the drive to move forward isn't it?
is it really so naive to think in such a way?
to believe that love and time can heal all wounds that run as deep as the trenches in our seas?
What kind of world would this be without love?
is it not love the root of all creation that branches out and became something beautiful for all to inhabit?

though love does destroy? yet its lost components in the universe are replaced due to balance. Is such a thing an accident?
where does our love come from.
so strong and frightening yet warm and comforting.
Is love the answer to everything?

Love is powerful.
Love is dangerous.
Can it be controlled?
Not forever.
It is a gift,
a curse,
a blessing in disguise that hurts us all,
but in the end we become stronger with deeper understanding if we allow ourselves to accept the side of love that is giving.

is love the light to those who are beyond lost living in their chaos forcing their way to the point of exhaustion to end up broken lying in their beds too tired to focus. Too tired to think of regrets of past mistakes that seem to happen too often. life is cruel. life can be empty. life can be hopeless, cold dark and grey then eventually black as you fall into the pit of depression.
"Depression" a sunken place or part; an area lower than the surrounding surface.
the act or condition of being depressed. sunk bellow the surroundings. the condition past sad or despondent. A psychiatric disorder characterized by an inability to concentrate leading to insomnia, loss of appetite, anhedonia, guilt, helplessness, hopelessness, thoughts of death and suicide.
is love the light in the darkness for those who are hopeless? the lost, broken hearted, and homeless?

what is love?
can it be seen?

Yes yes and yes.
all these things are signatures of love.
in its own personal understanding. Yes.
how can I see it?
taste it?
feel it?
smell it?
hear it?
words are to be seen and heard?
the smell of hard work and favorite scents from memories made by loved ones.
the taste of meals made by mother's, father's, and other loved ones is one of many ways to taste love.
It is personal understanding to interpret ones love perceived through our senses.

Isn't that just good memories?
yes. but to dig deep into the meaning of those memories carved into our minds is rooted by love.
love is an action to be remembered, testing the waves of time.

Love is the foundation.
Love is trust.

Is love the root to all things?
Is love, the purpose behind our drive to push through the layers of dirt, mud, and earth, to reach the light?
Is it the drive beyond that point to go higher than we've ever gone before?
Sprouting and expanding outside our comfort zone, pushing overcoming and pushing obstacles out of our way?
Is it the base formula that allows us to prosper and create good fruits, sweet and enjoyable to eat?

Love can be complicated through our imperfections and mentality.
Our love is not perfect as humans.
Yet stronger than imagined.
Love. Keeps our hearts and minds at simple ease as we remember the days spent in peace and harmony. With or without company. Because the perfect love from above is never failing. Always there. Never ending.
its just a prayer away.

So is love the answer to everything.
Does my opinion weigh anything?
I'll let you be the judge of that.

Love is patient.
Love endures.
Love hurts.
It's apart of the lifestyle.
Love is tough.
Loud and Hard.
Love is Soft.
Quietly spoken at times without words.
Small actions to keep chains of connections from breaking.

true love conquers fear

the same love that conquers hate

the same love that heals all wounds

no matter how deep

so whom shall I fear

with such love in my heart

with that love

nothing is impossible

any broken relationship cannot be restored

any broken home can be brought back together again

it is love that restores

it gives hope

it gives results

it gives and receives

such a blessing

even unseen


and true.
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3 Responses Dec 18, 2011

LOVE is THE BEST answer to Most of the ills and Problems which are mostly man made and these are afflicting the world as we know it now . Compassion & equitable unconditional showering of Love towards one & all living and non livings alike is the Genuine Answer ..... :-)

My pleasure, will follow through on your stories, I enjoy them very much:)

Beautifully and brilliantly written.I couldn't of said it better. It covers all aspects of how love is veiwed by all who either choose to accept it or not in there journey of life. Thanks for your insight of the beautiful quality we call love:)