Peace Of Mind

sooo this weekend was pretty amazing to say the friends devon melissa, or kaya as i like to call her ( it means beloved sister) went to a christian retreat about 4 hours away from where i live. devon is 20, melissa is 19, and im it was a teenage road trip to say the least, with good intentions. i didn't really know devon that well but i knew that he was an amazing person because he and melissa are so close and melissa is of course, amazing. i consider her to be a sister. so now that the weekend is over, i consider devon to be a brother. all three of us connect so well with one another and i have to say that after the ****** week i had, this weekend was beyond refreshing. it was exactly what i needed and i truly believe that the Lord knew that. i met so many amazing and pure people, everyone there had such gorgeous hearts and souls and there was such a strong sense of unity. i received such a strong message from God and i feel so close to him. i felt close to him before but this weekend allowed me to strengthen that bond ya know? afterwards, today actually, devon and melissa went to go get tattoos. i just watched....the three of us had a deep philosophical conversation with the tattoo artist and it was soooo cool haha...our names our known a little bit around the area now because we literally stopped everyone we saw on the street and talked to them. we talked to the artists about God and what he could do for them but we also talked about their lives and their struggles and why they did what they was so intriguing and i could feel myself growing. over the short period of the weekend i feel so much more confident and strong in my beliefs as a Christian and who i really am..this weekend has taught me that life is what you make take each day as a blessing and ask yourself how you can make each day an adventure...take each day in stride...i am soo blessed and i pray that everyone else have this same peace of mind that i do. yes i have horrible days..days where i would rather stay in bed and say screw the world....but i also know that there is a peace in my heart that allows me to have peace of mind...and to have a calm spirit and take whatever life throws at me..i wish the same for everyone else
lindsey8472 lindsey8472
18-21, F
Feb 26, 2012