Perception Is The God-tool

The Mind is what generates the entire Multi-verse. Or rather the combination of all minds in the Multi-verse, generates the universe. So this makes thought divine. So if thought is divine then deep thought must be Godly. But who is to judge the depth of a thought? or it's significance? surely such a thing would only come from a person's pride or arrogance.
None of the single celled organisms that live on our skin fully comprehend the whole of the body, and it's multiple layers of aura, or rather your ethereal parts. Your highest point being the complete you that you are striving for. It's already done you just have to realize it. Because nothing is learnt, only remembered. This is because all things exist in the Mind of God, (Quantum Pool), So anything that can be thought up, already exists, we are just bringing it into manifestation. The idea, or essence, of all things exists in Oblivion, completing Oblivion by containing the whole of everything.
That would be my idea of perfection, because even perfection is judged by the eye of the observer. That is why no one can really settle on what is perfect, and thus think that nothing is perfect and that everything is flawed.
So the flaw comes in the fact that people think perfection is a definite thing you can weigh or measure, it's just an opinion.
Everything is perfect the way it is.

Of course when I say that you are saying "what about war? death? disease?" well once again it is human arrogance saying that these things have no place. If there was no disease we would of already choked this planet with our numbers. Without war too there would be a build up of people, and growth of population is exponential, so the more people there are the faster the population will continue to grow.
Put plainly, without suffering joy would have no meaning, because there would be nothing to compare it to. Nothing to justify joy and make it pleasurable. If joy was just the standard people would grow complacent and lazy.

I wish that this human society would use thought to try and solve their problems. Instead of making all new ones. The turning of bank notes, which were to show how much gold, silver or copper you had, into money was terrible. Cause there was no one watching the value, and then they introduced inflation. But their crowning lie was credit. Credit isn't real in any way shape or form, you want 100 dollars, you gotta pay 200 back. now i'm sure the thing you wanted to buy was amazing in it's own rights, but what if you just waited and saved up the 100 yourself? it might be gone out of the store, and people need their entertainment.

This is the thought i've been wrestling with: people will put up with most injustices and say "can't fight city hall", But if you take away their escapism, they will tear you to pieces like wild animals. People need their escapism more than anything. But what does that say about our society? That we can't face what life really is, we know that suffering is apart of it, but we spend all our time running away from it. So they want to escape, and there are countless ways that society supplies this distraction for us. Mainly so they can keep doing the things they do that benefit themselves and no one else. It seems corruption goes with the territory.
I'm afraid that the western world doesn't have much time left. If you want to do anything to prepare I say protect your mind!! That is what they are after, cause if they can break your mind and your will, then you are defeated and are no threat.
quinndragosen quinndragosen
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Who is they? There is no they. Nobody's in charge. Once you figure that out you'll be way ahead of the game. Literally. Nobody's in charge.