This life can get u down
so strive to be who you aren’t right now,
dive into it like a pool,
and cease this “Just Livin” way of thinkin
stop self suffering through this 
idealogical phsycofolligy?
Life is an awesome tide that pulls us,
tumbling and constantly stumbling, then
mentally Shrinking into a tunnelvisionary way of thinking.
Take me back, to the back of the building where I played with stones
It’s there I should of stayed n out of these dry bones.
I’ll even take the alley, the filthy alley where peacefull folly abides.
over this hollow American Dream
built on the pretense of nonsense.
It’s All tense as far as I’m concerned!
We were burned.
So goes my silent thought,
This is how we were taught, right?
Shh, don't say a word, close the door.
seems prized possessions is all I lived for,
I gave up at some point, so what IS the point?
Straight up, tied up, tired and withering. I feel bought!
and some times even stronger thoughts,
thoughts of leaving on a jet plane,
insane dreaming and stupified thinking
seeing things more clearly
according to my warped being.
On the shelf, displayed for the world not to see.
What a life! This is life?
This is strife!
Socialcastically speaking, of course.
I guess I can give up now and get it over,
thirty something with nothing but self knowing,
accompanied by self loathing
And completely showing my true colors of gray!
I’m staying, I just need more prayin
instead of running away.
This tunnelvisionary way of thinking
has got me swayin…
But these insainalistically beautiful lyrics of clarity
we all should be saying!
Saying what's true!
True of what's inside striving to get out,
to step out, possibly crash out, and stay out!
It’s not Tunnelvisionary, it’s Freedomationary,
this tunnelvisionary way of thinking.
So stay True, n just decide to finally BE U!
oddlyenuff oddlyenuff
36-40, M
2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

I think there's a little bit of this in all of us.

I think so as well... Thanks!

Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for readin! :)

Sure...no probs. :) Have a great day!