I Question Any and All Things, It's In My Nature

 I have had a love and hate relationship with the fact that my brain refuses to stop the majority of time. Which if you are in this subject you may find that a growing up and finding who you are thing. I actually enjoy it mostly, just not when trying to sleep, it can make that impossible. Sleep deprivation can cause strange thoughts and most often just plain silliness which can be fun and useful.      After reading unlimiteds thoughts and questions on this subject it made me think about and question why am I not here in this moment in time and life? Who am I suppose to be effecting? I think myself, and anyone who reads my thoughts and views and maybe changes one thing in their life which makes it better then others see this and change who change more peoples lives and so on. Yes, I do believe everyone has a chance to be exactly who they are meant to be and if they do they effect many more lives then they can ever imagine. It just makes sense to me. We live in a time that has so much potential, yet I as many of us have let my mind and spirit be beat down to the point of almost normalcy, why? Is it easier? Not really. I have been different from most around me my whole life. Some things are like everything else but not the way my brain functions. I know it's different by the way people have reacted in my life to my thoughts and views. Do I let people know how different it really is most of the time, no. I don't think most should if they are in many cases people will use it against you and others. People are afraid of change. They want things verified and made assured everything is exactly how they want and asked for. Reality is nothing like that. Nature has it's own structure, beings have our own structures which we have ignored for centuries for arrogance for far to long. Just because things are not exactly the same or how we think they should be doesn't make them less important. I am important and I NEED to start acting like it. Treating myself and my surrounding better.


BeTheBestMe BeTheBestMe
36-40, F
Oct 8, 2008