Is it bad to lie to someone when you are lying about something that is your own business and no one else's? For example: (this just happened) I told a coworker that I can't come into work an hour early because I was busy. But i really wasn't busy, I was doing nothing, but I didn't want to come into work early. Now this particular example is obviously not a big deal, and it's not harmful. And I think most people will say "of course it's not a bad thing to have a desire to not have others in your business." But what if my coworker did the same. What if he wanted me to come in early because he had something much more important to tend to than I did. I often find myself being very nice to people to the point of me practically being taken advantage of, but I don't care. I will take the workload and the extra time to do things for other people. And because I will, that's why I didn't say that I was "too" nice to people. I feel like as long as I'm okay with it, why should it matter in the slightest? And the truth is that I really am okay with it. I work at a pizza joint making pizzas. And I work my *** off, but not because i want to impress the boss, but because it's who I am. I will work extra fast to ensure no one else has to do anything. Do you think this is healthy? Do u think my mind needs to see the other side of things, the side that says, "ya you can take a break, you have earned it." It appears I have strayed a little far from the original concept, but tell me why you think about al of this. I once heard a quote where three men were in a setting where they worked for an older woman under the table and when it came time to get payed, one man isn't take anything, one man took all that the woman offered, which was too much, and the last man took exactly how much he deserved. And to get to the point, the quote said "a real man, knows exactly how much money he ha earned, and is not afraid to take it." In my particular situation, money is replaced my small rewards in the work place such as a break, so humbling huh. So I guess the question is, do I work too hard? Somewhat say it's good because it gives you a great work ethic, but my work ethic is not what needs to change I don't think. As far as hard work goes I can put my hae down and tug through just about anything, whether it be a busy night making pizzas or a big tree that needs cut down. But, all tht aside, I reward myself equally well outside of work. I work hard at work and slack off outside of work. And that in particular doesn't make my dad happy. I think there is a balance to everything and too much of something a bad, so I balance myself, but do u think that maybe I'm wasting potential working very hard for a minimum wage job, and slacking off outside of work. Should I maybe not work as hard at work and put it hat work to use outside of the work place. I'm just a college student trying to find his way
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It would have just been a favor if you woulda came early, and I know there are harmless lies, and more, there should be lies. If you say I'm not coming early, cause I don't feel like it, it's taken as rude, but it's not right for you to feel forced into it it's just a favor. So since you lied, everyone won in a way lol