Less of common knowledge but more than unspoken truth. The art of deception or self deception to either resolve an internal problem or create a pseudo solution to eventually lead to the manipulation of the conscious to believe that scenario has been solved.

Respectively, this is being used all the time in everyday life, whether it's the more blatant lies to falsely comfort such as "It's okay..." or "I understand how you feel..." or the more complex lies that usually involves with personal stories similar to the comforted individual, so to speak.

Here's a common scenario, when a distressed person is being comforted and realizes this obvious pseudo comfort the individual retaliates usually by yelling, in which the deception of the mind goes even farther by the eventuality of it subsiding and an agreement is met where both parties realize the wrongness of their actions and in which the deception of calm is there even when the original problem is still present, of course the prolonged negligence of the problem will eventually lead to the forgetting of the actual problem in itself, but in most cases, the troubled party still remembers the problem but is forced to solve his problem in secrecy when the other party feigns his ignorance to the problem because in reality most humans sympathizes little for others over themselves.

Whether this is not the case or not in reality, I've seen and experienced this scenario quite commonly, more so seen than experienced but none the less this deception is still here and regardless of whether this is an unspoken truth or not, this is probably one of the most unspoken lies of the world and it upsets me that it is has practically become taboo to speak of. And of course, when the unspoken truth becomes a realization for the other party, the usual reaction is to reside in denial.
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Very interesting way to put things. Not sure if I completely agree, but I can be a bit of an optimist on my good days.