Thinking too much can make you go mad and thinking too deep could mean you are probably over analyzing issues that do not require too much of analysis in the first place.

But sometimes we just sit in a chair or lie in a bed and think of stuff that happened in the past, of people who were once connected with our lives but are no more in touch with us, of our previous jobs and why we left them and what we could have done differently to ensure that we had not suffered so much at work which caused us to come to a decision to leave the job we liked.

our thoughts force us to analyze such things and create desires within us. A desire to set things right which did not go as we planned them earlier. What we don't realize however is that these things could also bring us troubles in future which probably we do not think of as we are so lost in setting the things of the past right that we forget about our present which in turn could again ruin our future.

Thinking deep could also bring positive changes in our lives though as we would have already analyzed different problems that may crop up and already have our plans ready on how we will manage them should the need arise.

But again when it actually comes to implementing our plans, what we think spontaneously and how we react to the situation is what makes us successful.

Our brain functions in a funny way and it's therefore important to get control of our thoughts and not let our thoughts wander around.

Perhaps meditation could help solve such issues ...
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2 Responses Aug 21, 2014

When my brain thinks and over~analyze, I get a headache. I don't wanna be listless so sometimes I turn it off and withdraw.

that's the wise thing to do

Pretty right on, even in the continuous ongoing rambling style that my brain does haha

our brain is always rambling. getting control of it is never easy.