Do I have a superpower, or can others do what I can do too?

I've always heard the cliche idea that you can't hold stress inside you or you will crack. People tell me not to bottle things up inside me, but I do it, all the time. But I can literally throw depression and stress under the bus in a split second, I can make it disappear, and have no difficulty doing so, whether it be holding secrets back or not shedding a tear when my grandmother died. I throw that **** under the bus and see the best side of things. To describe it better, I am a very strong person inside, it is VERY hard to **** me off, the only ones who can do so are my best friends and close family. My friend once played a cruel joke on me, and that was the last time I was actually angry. But once I realized it was a joke, all was well. I once thought I was weak, I looked up to others but never showed it, but as it turns out I recently discovered that I am the one that my friends look up to, particularly my best friend. I had two very close friends in the past (not at the same time). One of them disrespected my family, and at the time I thought it was terrible what he had done, but I later realized that it wasn't that bad. But what I did to him was the important part. I blocked him completely from my life with no second thoughts and no hard feelings. The second best friend I had was later in high school. He was in a bad place, and I supported him by allowing him to stay in my house for three months (I also give credit to my dad for this). But when I realized that the only way he was going to get out of the shithole he was in was for him to be on his own for awhile, that's exactly what I did. I told him to leave my house and never contact me again. And that's the way it stayed, and again no hard feelings on my part. He did make it clear to me that he didn't care for me as much as I cared for him, so I cut the cord between us. I currently have a very close friend that I have talked to about all this, and from what he has heard, he thinks I'm a cold hearted mother ******. And I told him that if he ever disrespected me bad enough that I could easily do the same to him. I love my friends and family, but I could quite easily cut off all ties with just about anyone without difficulty, except my mom. I think my friends right, I'm a cold hearted mother ******. I would end my relationship with my brother if he disrespected my friend wrongly. And the reasoning I would have for doing that would be that I did not choose my siblings, but I did choose my friends.
Lateralus07 Lateralus07
22-25, M
Aug 23, 2014