Is this life a simulation or a ride. Like bill hicks said?

Do you believe in the following statement: absence I evidence is evidence of absence.

I believe it. There are so many questions, and no answers, so is a lack of answers evidence that we don't exist. To put it another way, the only way for me to figure out what happens after death is too die, but if there is nothing after death, then there is and absence of evidence. Life makes no ******* sense, and yet somehow people go through it as if they have never even thought about it. The reason I say that is because no one I talk to enjoys talking about this stuff.

As another example, if a Christian believes that god created them, why does the Christian not realize that without them, god couldn't exist, therefore there would be no being such as humans to define "existence," gods existence that is. And again, absence of evidence points towards evidence of absence.

What is the connection between our minds and the physical world we live in? How can we just see what's around us, and yet not understand how sight and a physical world came to be. **** man, I don't know what to think. I used to get a nightmare, the same one every night when I was young. I would end up sleep walking and cry to my parents, not knowing why was going on. The nights more however was not in a physical world. I saw and heard nothing. I only felt. It was a feeling that can't be described having not been me, but the closest way to describe it is to say i felt infinite, or that I felt an eternity. And part of me wants to think that somehow when we die, our brains fade, and right as we leave this life, we get stuck infinitely close to the last moment we are alive right before leaving, and we are stuck there for eternity. That is the best way to describe my dream, and that's the first time I have ever said anything to someone about it. During the feeling I felt like I was infinitely overwhelmed, and it made my heart race like hell, my heart is racing now just thinking about it. At 19, you might think I'm too old to fear a god damn dream, but every once in a while I'll wake up from a nap or something and I will be scared, I'm literally scared of nothing though, nothing physical I mean. It's just a feeling, like if our consciousness never knew our physical bodies and our physical world. I fear that dream and what it brings, it's the closest thing I can think of to hell.
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If I believed in good and bad, that nightmare would be the worst thing I have ever experienced. My parents always asked me what was wrong when I woke up. I couldn't describe it due to the absence of a physical world around me. But a part Of me wants to face that dream and see it for what it is, I don't fear death as I know it, in fact, in a way, I fear everything except death. Death as I know it is and end to consciousness, key word being "end." I fear anything that does not have an end. And this is the part that I think makes logical sense, I fear anything that lasts forever, forever is a hell. It's incredible, I am just now, 15 years later, seeing the connection between my dream and eternity, and the idea of "forever" I always knew I would hate heaven, because I knew that anything that lasts forever is hell, however I just now saw the connection to my dream, and it took 15 years.