What if we create our own afterlife? What if we are all one consciousness and we have the ability to create one afterlife? My friend is catholic and therefore believes is heaven, but what if I created him in my mind, and he doesn't exist? What if heaven is just one consideration of an afterlife. What if this one consciousness created everything we know, and you reading this on this website is nothing more than your own thought? What if the meaning of life is to create the desired afterlife? Since none of us actually know what happens after death, maybe that's because the answer doesn't exist, the answer has to be created, and the only thing to create it is through this consciousness we have. What if when I die, my death is really just created by the one consciousness, when in reality no one dies. The death is just a creation of ourselves. So I ask, what is the afterlife we want? Don't forget though, regardless of what we choose, it lasts forever.
Lateralus07 Lateralus07
22-25, M
Aug 26, 2014