Alone On Another Planet.

The only thing that can put my mind at peace during a stressful time. I sit here in a conscious state, letting my mind jump freely from one subject to the next. Hoping to search for the key answers to the problems that have forced me to "Leave this planet" I feel as if I'm sitting alone, with not a thing to bother me. The air that I breathe is composed of happiness and joy. My body is just empty, no organs, no bones, just emptiness waiting to be filled with happiness and joy. As I breathe out, I feel all the stress and problems being expelled out of my body. As my mind wonders aimlessly, I try to guide my thoughts towards one problem only. All while still trying to focus on happiness and joy. At this point nothing in world could bother me except myself.

I am meditating.

tKFuRy tKFuRy
18-21, M
2 Responses Aug 3, 2009

When u do that does it really help? Thinking is something I do too much of... or so i am told, maybe i should think less... But idk. I think i might try it, but i dont think its meditating.

I honestly don't know why i wrote this , but i guess I just wanted to share something.