Some Things Get My Attention.

When I think of friends, I get to thinking of them a lot. I think many different things, I think, "do they really like me" "How can I be a better friend" "What should I do to show them I care"

It is almost like a dating relationship. It takes so effort to be a good friend. I thought today that there must be a lot of people that are out there that may not have friends, that want friends, they may be shy, or they may not know many people around them yet, sometimes it might be a good idea to be friendly even to people we don't know. We might make new friends, which could be good practice for shy people. I was always very shy, I still am, but not as bad.

I want to see what others lives are like, most people like a change of scene every now and then. I want to care for others. I have also been thinking of all the people that don't pay attention to what is going on around them much. There are so many things that are important for us to pay attention to.

We should want to learn new things, and listen to news stories when we can. We should also read some to develop our brains. Things like reading and writing can be very good for us.

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2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

And to address another I your question, I have never had a problem being a goo friend when the fridns hip is real

You ask if your friend really likes me, and the thing about that is I have 2 best friends and ten outside of that, I have no actual friends. There am positively acquainted with other people but not "friends." But back to the 2 best friends I have. Not once have I ever questioned if they like me as much as I like them, partly because we love each other. Like is nota word to be had in this conversation. I my opinion, if you're wondering if friends like u, then they aren't that good of a friend. This is the way I SEE IT! Please do not take my words and lose all your friends. I will say though, those "positive acquaintances that I have, I do find myself asking whether or not they like me. I think there's is a thing with friendship and once it reaches a certain level, there's no doubting the other side. And one more thing, don't trust high school girls too much unless they are a really good friend. Due to stories I've heard with girls throughout high school, good friends can be hard to come by, and I've never had that problem with guys, but again, don't take my words as if they are right, please. Take my words as just another point of view