I'm Not Sure What You Would Call It...

I call myself a deist b/c I don't believe in organized religions or the bible... I don't think my life should be lead by some book... I also don't believe in Jesus... but I do believe in an ultimate being... I believe that there are too many beautiful things in the world to say that God doesn't exist...

I also don't believe in heaven or hell... I believe in reincarnation... I believe that life on earth is hell... so I don't know if that is being a deist or what... people make up new religions every day and quite honestly its exasperating...

I am me... I believe what I believe... I don't try to make anyone believe what I believe nor do I try to make anyone NOT believe what they believe... do what you like... pray and all that happy day stuff if that is what gets you through the day but don't come knocking on my door asking if I've been saved and then damn me to hell b/c I tell you I don't believe your propaganda... just let me be and I'll let you be...

Is that being deist?

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3 Responses May 12, 2008

Yes, God is simply would never interfere in our daily life , I also think that people who are trying to "re-create" the god , just to show others that there is a protective "almighty" standing for them , also who doesn't have a master must buy one.<br />
Hell and heaven , I don't believe much in them , I think it is a way to make people do the right thing instead of the bad things .<br />
How come people living in Japan has the longest life curve while people in Somalia don't , do you think god is fair about this ?, I think it is all in our bodies , the chemical materials which makes us it is the soul god is taking from us when it is the time to die . for god it doesn't matter to him if we die , it is just the cycle of life.

I don't believe God is an active participant in our daily lives... he created life and the worlds from the beginning... but takes no active role in our daily lives nor do I think you can converse with God... to me God is the creator not the father... and what happens on earth is the product of human beings... we are killing ourselves... everyone is so wrapped up in individuality that we forget that humans are collectivist by nature...

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The world IS full of wonderful things, I agree, and I greatly enjoy the Nature Kingdoms... But if there is a God, how come that he /she lets so many unkind things happen in this creation??? Would YOU want a God that allows this? Would you respect a father that allowed this among his own family?<br />
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For myself, I think that God is not external to ourselves, but is at the very core of our beings - its what should unite us all as brothers and sisters; it goes by the principles of Oneness and Equality of all life; and it is almost completely overlain by human greed and survival motivations... Looking for a Divine Being in charge of the Universe to me is a ploy that religions use to divert our attention from where God really is - the "Who We Really Are" in our hearts.<br />
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Of course, that puts the responsibility for world conditions onto us - something that is calculated to make people uncomfortable, and they look elsewhere to lay their blame...<br />
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The website http://www.desteni.co.za is a site that I found very interesting - you might, too! Happy hunting!