Help For The Unemployed

I don't understand why the Democrats are so wishy-washy.  They should be more forceful with the message.  We have familes who have worked hard all their lives and and must be helped.  The Republicans were aggressive when Baby Bush was in office.  He opened the lock box that Gore  was going to keep closed. Under Bush the Republicans gave huge tax breaks to the super rich and they didn't worry about deficits.  We need to tax so called American companies who operate overseas and pay no taxes.  There are so many loop holes and tax breaks for corporations who outsource jobs. Outsourcing American jobs must stop.   Republicans need to balance the budget by cutting tax breaks for all these corporate  freeloaders  and not on the backs of   hardworking Americans who lost  their jobs because of  lobbist  payback decisions during the Bush days. 
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4 Responses Jul 20, 2010

I mean Hall of Shame

Yes, you are right that we need to cut taxes on lower and middle income people. I don't believe in tax breaks for people making over $250,OOO a year. Arianna Huffington didn't pay ANY taxes while my son who made about your amount in wages paid his taxes. Corporations get away with tax evasion and then outsource our jobs. We have 99'ers and a high unemployment rate because of Wall ST. fraud and corporation greed. They outsource American jobs to obtain almost slave labor. People pay for their unemployment insurance. Many people are very lucky and never have to collect but it is a security blanket to protect hardworking American workers. Why are you blaming people who lost their jobs? I know many people who have been laid off and their companies are making huge profits. Some of these folks have worked 25 years and more. My husband worked for an airlines in the l980's for 20 + and because of a Frank Lorenzo who was the CEO and belongs in the hall of fame was dismantling companies for shareholder profits and bankrupting airlines. Columbia University gave this loser a special award after putting over l00,000 people out of work. I hope you never lose your job.

I tell you I am amazed that I am super rich. I must be because under bush I saw my taxes cut. I must be one of those super rich you are speaking of. I made 22,000 dollars that year. look at history if the government gets out of the way the econemy will recover. Cut taxes and spending these are the only thing that has worked in history. We don't need more unemployment benifits we need more employment until the government gets out of the way that can't happen.

The repeated threats to filibuster unless they got cuts in other needed services WHILE DEMANDING new tax cuts for the rich in the form of fixing Bush's ruinous 6 trillion dollar tax cuts in perpetuity into the code should be THE ONLY AD the democrats run, saturation intensity from now to Nov. 6.<br />
Nothing but repigs, trying to stuff the golden goose while starving the children, on every channel, on every market, day in day out until there isn't a repig in sight on Nov. 7!<br />