Hillary 2008!

Experience matters!
I am a young woman, artist and educator. I am supporting Hillary Clinton for president. If we want to make real changes then we need a person with experience and a real plan! She is the best candidate to deal with world issues and keep our country safe. She is the only one with an economic plan and the experience to get the economy back on track. Hillary also supports better funding for education and protecting the environment. Hillary Clinton has the knowledge and experience to solve the serious issues our country is facing. She gets my vote!
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2008

Clinton would have done much better than Obama -.-

I've gotta say, there isn't a Democrat out there that doesn't support more funding for education or the enviroment. Also, her health care plan cannot pass in Congress. The Democrats do not have the majority that is necessary to get it through. She also has very little expirience compared to the candidates who had the most. Biden, Dodd, and Richardson could've run circles around her expirience wise. Biden has over 35, Dodd is around 30 and Richardson has been around close to 20 or so. She only has 7 years in the Senate. Compare that to Edwards' six and Obama's four. It's not that much of a difference. Also, First Lady IS NOT a political office. If expirience mattered, then you should've been supporting Joe Biden.<br />
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When people say HRC is expirienced, I feel compelled to remind them that 7 years in the Senate is not a whole lot more than 6 or 4, and that she cannot and should not run on her husbund's impressive credentials, because that was his, not her successes.