Never Too Late

I am a Democrat now, but that title loosely fits.  There are a myriad of sins on 'both sides of the aisle', as the inside the loop wonks are fond of saying. I am less a Democrat than I am a staunch anti-Republican.  A bad analogy would be that I see Republicanism as a cancer and the Democratic party as the chemotherapy that will rid the body politic of this cancer.  Once the Republicans have been neutralized, then we all need to fix the Democrats and rehabilitate them back into the family of man and out of the world of the pork barrel midnight riders and lobbyists gravy trains.

It is most accurate to say that I am progressive in my beliefs.  I am a supporter of Pacifica radio, listen to 'Democracy Now' every chance I get.

I am very weary of the way badly disguised American imperialism has manipulated the world for American advantage (profit). It has earned us the hatred of the peoples of the planet to the extent that anti-American extremists feel justafied in killing us en masse. 

We have power and equally have an obligation to use that power for good, in honest cooperation for the good of the planet, with the people of the planet. 

We have serious amends to make world-wide and must own up to, face and then deal with our responsibility for our past misdeeds on this planet.

The fact that we allowed George W. Bush's daddy buy him the first term when he couldn't get elected honestly just says that it is time to grow up, come out of the tree house and be adults on this planet.  How sad is it that the planet is dying, Al Gore has to make a sobering movie to enlighten us, because the corporate controlled media wouldn't tell the facts.  Pretty sad.

So, yeah, I guess I'm a progressive Democrat.
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3 Responses Nov 24, 2006

I find your comments reasonable and agree with more than half of your thoughts. I am also more of an anti-republican than a Democrat. Like most people I was "apolitical" until the national discourse (on the airwaves) got so rotted that I was forced to explore how Republicans (politicians and general public) got so toxified. My biggest hero is Keith Olbermann, not for his political views but for his clear and compelling mission to puncture lies. I think of him as swordsman, a world-class warrior. Thank God for Keith.

I love the cancer analogy. I totally agree!

Al Gore is full of ****.