Very Blue In A Red State

I am a Democrat.

I beleive that we all have a responsibility to do our best to make our world a better place not because it benefits us, but because it is the right thing to do.

I feel like I am surrounded by conservative, close minded, ultra religious republicans here in my (fairly) deep-southern town. I am a transplant from the north and I wonder if I'll ever really be comfortable sharing my thoughts with any of my friends. Even the friends who lean left are the type of people who seem to be ok with the nasty, Obama-hating rhetoric that is commonplace around here.

I think that George W Bush was a bumbling, ignorant, idiot. Being President is probably one of the hardest jobs in the country but the policies of that fool sent our country to the brink of collapse. Yes, yes, I know the American people helped it along with over spending and overextending but that man was a fool and we will all be paying for his own special brand of democracy for a long, long time!

I DO NOT want to go back to the way it was, you know, when companies could pollute without regulation, when women and minorities didn't have the right to equal treatment. To go back when workers had no rights and being a different religion or being gay meant that anyone could treat you badly and the wasn't a damn (legal) thing you could do about it.

NO! I don't want to go back, I want to move forward and even though I know there ARE people who think like me in this southern state, I just don't know who they are and I feel like I have to hide who I am and what i think is fair and good, every single day. It doesn't help that I also beleive that people have the right to worship as they see fit, or not to worship at all.

I don't want to yell and scream "I'm right! You're wrong!" I just want friends who say, "hey I feel like you do, you are not alone"

And then maybe make fun of the republican pundits on Fox news for a while.

Any democrats out there here in the South?
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I'm in South Florida, which often does not feel like the US, much less the south. Nonetheless, almost any Cuban over the age of 30 is rabidly anti-Obama since in their imagination Obama might as well be Castro's illegitimate communist, Muslim child. I decided years ago that I'm making a stand for decency and reason. I'm polite but I make my darnedest best to argue my point of view using sound logic and facts. People I call friends are the ones I can have a conversation about things that actually matter, like politics and religion. Sometime ago a new neighbor invited me for dinner and after he made some ridiculous comments about the President I hesitated to say anything but then I thought to myself why should I be silenced by his aggressive ignorance. I very politely presented my point of view. The man began shouting "bullshit, bullshit", not only making an *** of himself but also embarrassing his daughters. He can hardly make himself say "good morning" but I guarantee you that he is the one to feel embarrassed.

Good for you! I think that as I speak out more it may get easier. I hope.

Well, I was a D in the South until I moved back to the Midwest. What really troubles me about the Rs is that they want less regulation of business and finance. Financial services were effectively unregulated under Bush 2 and the practices of that industry put us in the worst economic condition since the Great Depression. The Rs want more of the same. The definition of insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing but expecting a different outcome.

Responsible citizenship. We have rights as citizens so too , do we have responsibilities. Companies and corporations should be made to adhere to standards that protect the common good at the most basic level..because they damn sure aren't going to do it out of the goodness of their bottom line. The regulation pendulum swings and I hope that someday that the cost of being responsible is viewed as a cost of doing business , that it is expected and demanded by the consumers.

I know a lot of people from the south because of travel for work etc and I don't think any of them ever profess to be liberal well esp not in Texas!

I can beleive that! I saw a map of the US in a Nat Geo magazine that showed the distribution of dem vs rep in shades of purple depending on the percentages. For instance if the vote split was 60/40 in favor of democrats the purple was more violet, if it swung more republican it was magenta. Very interesting reminder that no state is TOTALLY red or blue. I think of that when I'm feeling blue for being blue.

That is probably true but I think even the Democrats in Texas are fairly conservative.I lived in South Orange County most of my life and it is considered the most conservative of all counties in America.I moved away but that is what they always said when I lived there.

Yes, I think that's what the map was showing. I am fairly conservative fiscally but more liberal socially. I think for many people it's hard to reconcile those two things. Being a Democrat does not necessarily mean that you think throwing money at a problem will make it go away. That's just faulty logic. Money can be used to make systematic changes that improves a system if done thoughtfully and comprehensively. Education for example, we HAVE the resources in this country to bring our students to a place where they can succeed. But it would mean shifting how we look at ability and opportunity. Those things threaten the status quo. It's easier to get ahead if you start out ahead, giving all children the chance to succeed threatens the ease at which some people do succeed.

And I just have to add that George W Bush came to speak at the corporation that I worked for back when he was running for his first term. There were maybe 200 people in attendance and I remember thinking that he seemed so insincere, so slimy and fake, like a snake oil salesman. It was kinda creepy, he came across as not too bright and would Just smile and nod when he answered questions from the audience. <br />
<br />
Just not a fan and there are SO many people around here that just LOVED him sometimes it makes my head hurt.

Thanks! But for my snarky fox news comment I try to remain respectful and civil but am finding it harder to listen to offhand comments that degrade ANYTHING that has to do with the President and democrats in general and not say SOMETHING in response. Sadly, a great many of the comments come at school and community ba<x>sed events I have been involved with and I feel that to speak my opinion would not be good for the organizations I am volunteering for. I think though you are right, and I should step outside my comfort zone and speak my convictions.

I live North in Michigan and it is just not the Southerners who hate the President. Here in the land of the Auto a former Rocker has made some nasty remarks as well. Hate like Goodness seems to be distributed all over the land although I am sure you have run into more of the hate than the goodness, I believe you. Why can't these people see that if the GOP'ers get in they won't give a da** about the regular people all the GOPers want is their vote and the h*** with them afterwards. None are so blind as those who refuse too see. Look at the GOP agenda, look carefully, where does it address the common man or woman? More arms? yeah just what we need--war with Iran, yeah just what we need. People fight those wars--our sons, daughters, wives, husbands, etc. Do you really think the GOP will be concerned about the loss of your loved one? No, they will wrap themselves in the flag and Bible and label anyone who disagrees with their policy as unamerican. You are not alone in your thoughts and hopefully there will be enough of us to block this Republican travesty before it can spread any further. This whole thing reminds me of 1930's Germany. Speak you mind though, if we don't then we are as bad as those who we are trying to prevent from taking over. I really fear for our country, Hate seems to be the new moral.

Doesn't it just? I get my news from the Daily Show and The Colbert Report and my comedy from Fox News.

Saw that on a Bumper Sticker around here so I know there are other people with a democratic sense of humor somewhere near!