Modern Nobility, Mitt Romney And King Louis XVI

Every time I hear Mitt Romney and other Republicans I can’t help but think of King Louis XVI. Here’s why.

King Louis XVI, under pressure from wealthy landowners deregulated price controls on flower. Landowners doubled the price of flower making bread, a staple food of French peasants, no longer accessible to a majority of the population. As the masses starved, the French economy worsened. Instead of reinstituting price controls on flower and asking nobles to contribute more (what today’s Republicans would call socialism), King Louis XVI looked to replenish the Royal coffers by raising taxes on already starving peasants (1780’s version of the Paul Rayn Plan). It was when the starving people protested “we want bread” that Marie Antoinette famously replied with “Let them eat cake”. Although it is almost certain Marie Antoinette never uttered the famous phrase, it nonetheless embodied the nobility’s indifference to the suffering and misery that was entirely created by their exploitation of the Kingdom’s subjects to support the nobles wildly decadent lifestyles. In 1789 France’s people had enough leading to the French Revolution and the beheadings of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette in 1793.

Fast forward 223 years to 2012 and today’s nobility, the supper wealthy upper-class, are utterly indifferent to the misery their Wall Street and Banking schemes created for commoners like us. While Wall Street and Bank deregulation by conservatives created the greatest economic depression in nearly 90 years, the wealthiest 1% reaped from their schemes what is believed to have been the greatest transfer of wealth in human history.  Over the last 30 years, the top 1% increased their wealth by an astonishing 273% while middle-class earnings increased by little more than 1% a year.  Like King Louis XVI, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's solution to the crisis they helped engineered is to further burden the working class by cutting assistance to the most vulnerable in society, poor children, the elderly, the disabled.  If that wasn’t galling enough, they also ask us to believe that we need to sacrifice social security (Medicare & MedicAid) and even student loans to fund even lower taxes for the rich.

Today’s wealthy elite, unlike the French nobility, learned that in order to not find themselves dragged off before a cheering crowds to a beheading, the anger of the masses must be redirected away from the wealthy. Republicans accomplished this redirection of anger masterfully by pitting private employees against government employees and non-union workers against union workers. The Republicans also masterfully used not so subtle racism to leverage the uneasiness of white Americans increasingly finding themselves as the minority, to find support for cutting all forms of public assistance to people they portray as dark-skinned.

The Romney's sense of self-entitlement arises out of an ideology, that like nobility, believes that they posses qualities that make them the "job creators" or the "productive class" superior and entitled to much more than commoners like us. I hope my fellow Americans can see that although the powerful wealthy no longer sport the powdered wigs and fancy dress of centuries old nobility, just like the nobility of old, the profligacy of today's super rich is made possible by fleecing the rest of us and our labor.  Despite their wealth and power, we have, at least for now, our vote - use it wisely.
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Mitt was born into money, I doubt that he had ever delivered Newspapers in the rain or work Fast Food for Minimum just so he could have enough to attend Community College since the Universities are out of reach moneywise. I'm sure he drove an old oil-burner around as transportation, yeah right. Many people I knew just did that and paid rent to their folks as well plus in my era had the possibility of going to VietNam. So Ann Romney raised kids, My Mother and millions of others did the Same Thing and had to make do with much less, I'm sure she figured out the nightly meals. What about if your child needed special assitance, oh I'm sure They could have afforded it. He's says he in touch with the regular folk, yeah how many times has he Amtraked to the next city in hopes of finding a job there? Sorry I had to park my Gulfstream last week, I'm waiting for President Obama to make the oil price go down, yeah another loopy-loop. Like the President can do that. Oh well we can all gear up for yet Another Gulf War if he gets in, this time with Iran--Whoopee! I'm going to borrow money from my Mum (she's 88) so I can start a business and fire people or else outsource it and make gazillions and pay a 13% tax rate as well. I just wonder....If he was in the car and assuming he has a chauffer or maybe Ann drives the Caddy, would he stop and pick the young woman with a child stranded along side the road or just look oblivious to her and her situation and breeze on past? I'm sorry, but in my eyes the man lacks sincerity, the Presidency will just be another trophy pin. Do you honestly thinks he cares about all of us? minus Gays, Poor, Disenfranchised, People who lost homes and/or jobs, Women who were paid less for same work, Ederly, Disabled, Regular Folk who are trying to make ends meet, Single Parents, and others. He probably never had to deal with any of these groups so to him they are invisible. A suggestion, Mitt, Next time forsake the plane get on the train and really see how people are in Gallup, N.M., Kankakee, Il., Beaverton, OR,. Rugby, MT., Kalamazoo, MI., Newark, N.J., and other areas and don't pack it with like minded people because Mitt, We are not like you, we struggled and worked hard for our goals and families.

Mitt may be completely out of touch with people like us in part because of his highly privileged lifestyle but more importantly because in Mitt's Conservative ideology, society is a 'Darwinian' economic struggle where individuals rise to become part of the "productive class" or fail to do so because they are inherently inferior. He has also stated that markets are "an expression of God's will" and therefore the poor are not only inherently inferior competitors but the poor are also people that were not looked upon favorably by God. This is why it is easy for him to fire people, to say that Chrysler should have gone bankrupt and to vow to cut all programs that in his view are a crutch for the inferior in society, like education, healthcare, social security, etc. I think his real religion is Ayn Rand.

You can rest assured, if it were in any way possible for the Repugnicants to deprive you of your right to vote, they would most certainly do it. I have never seen such open disdain for Democracy or the will of the people - - they speak of President Obama as if he were Joseph Stalin, as if he came to power via a bloody coup. He was in fact duly elected, and it wasn't even close! Now if we could only get a Democratic majority in Congress for him to work with....but I am not hopeful, as it appears to me that 40% of the American people are so GD stupid, that they will vote against their own interests, and vote for the Republicans, absolutely no matter what they do. It is just incredible.

Americans will continue to vote against their interests so long as the Democrats remain silent while Republicans define the issues. This is something Democrats have done since the Carter administration. I wonder how many decades it will take take for them to learn this?

Good observation, although I think we're slowly getting better. Obama has been very aggressive (for a Democrat) lately on the core philosophical issues dividing the parties (and the country). And Joe Biden seems to be enthusiastically pounding away at Romney right now, so I'm cautiously optimistic. But I just don't get how any working person, with little or no net worth, could possibly think that voting for a party that has time and time again demonstrated that it's only concerns are for the mega rich and corporations is in their interest. Maybe the Democrats need a FOX News equivalent - - oh wait we have one, lol (MSNBC) - - just nobody watches it! (It makes them think to hard - - you don't have to have read anything to follow along with FOX News' propaganda!!)

You are right that Obama, at least for a Democrat, has recently become a bit more proactive. However, it is too late to change the average person's narrative of the economic collapse. After his election he needed to repeat almost daily that the economic collapse was the end of 'trickle down' economics. Instead he was too busy kissing the GOP's rear end while they were ridiculing and insulting him. When he finally tried to show some spine, he did it by attacking his base, the psychology of which is interesting by a discussion for later. The GOP used the crisis they created to win the midterm elections. It takes a Democratic party to make it that easy for the GOP. WHY do working people vote against their own self-interests? There are many reasons but the most important one is that Democrats sound like spineless, whining, losers while the GOP sound like confident winners. Of course it is much easier for the GOP to sound better than Democrats since they are not burden by actually trying to finding real solutions. Instead they only have to worry about the appeal of the message.

Loved your analogy/story! What a great way to start the day :-)

I'm glad to have added to your morning. Thank you.