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Billionaire Promises Romney "Limitless" Donations...Could Top $100 Million

Forbes Magazine
June 13, 2012


Casino billionaire Sheldon Adelman, who built the Las Vegas Sands into a global casino empire will do "whatever it takes" to defeat President Barack Obama

Adelson, who is worth $24.9 billion, told Forbes that he had been willing to donate as much as $100 million to his initial preference,
Newt Gingrich, -- that "limitless" description telegraphs potential nine-digit support of Romney.

Adelson believes that "no price is too high" to protect the U.S. from what he sees as Obama's "socialization" of America, as well as securing the safety of Israel.

Thanks to the Citizens United decision, there are no curbs on how much Adelson could give the pro-Romney Super PAC,
"Restoring Our Future."

Given that he's one of the 15 richest people in the world, the Sands chairman could personally bankroll the entire presidential campaign, -- say $1 billion or so -- and not even notice.

Ironically, Adelson has made more money during the Obama administration than just about any other American, according to Forbes' tabulation.

Adelson is an Israel hawk who has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to Jewish causes. He also is fiercely fighting against what he sees as Obama's socialization of America.

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goodogstay goodogstay 46-50, M 2 Responses Jun 17, 2012

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They buy votes by the extensive money they poor into brain washing the poor into voting for the puppet Mitt Romney. I hate the ignorance I see in the poor republicans who continue to support these crazy republican candidates who all about making the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Can these billionaires buy votes? I hope not, they may can advertise and promote their lies but hopefully some people are intelligent enough to dismiss their baloney advertising.

The billionaires spent nearly $30 million so that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker could survive the recall attempt last month; while his opponent, Mayor Tim Barrett only had $4 million to spend...
Can these billionaires buy votes?.....Absolutely; and they will probably buy the presidency for Romney, unless some miracle happens between now & November.