The More Things Change

 Here's a video where FDR mocks the deceptions of the right and sounds exactly like he is warning against the Tea Party and the likes of  Romney and Paul Ryan.

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4 Responses Jun 18, 2012

Oh, Eve! From your keyboard to their ears! Wouldn't that be great! The more things change, the more they stay the same.

How prophetic your post was! Will the Obama campaign or one of its super-pacs boldly grab this footage now?

Is it me ... or does he seem more like Jon Stewart than any present-day politician?

ha ha good observation!

Ridicule and mockery.... ya hate to resort to these things but they work so well! He was a sitting President at the time he gave this speech! What a sly wonderful fox he was.

Absolutely perfect! If Obama had a smart campaign advisor, this would be in a commercial this fall.

"Cross our hearts and hope to die" Love that grin he had as he delivered his zingers. : )

People should also watch they Eisenhower farewell speech that warned of the growing military industrial complex - coming from someone that knew exactly what they were talking about.

Can you imagine the coronary the right would have if that speech was given today? 24 hour carpet bomb of radio, tv, and internet condemnation. They'd have Eisenhower painted as a Communist Muslim Terrorist, with sworn testinmony from swift boat like comrades swearing they saw him hiding a prayer rug in the bottom drawer of his desk...